I try to capture moments that will create a catharsis for the viewer. I want viewers to feel something when they look at my work. Either a memory from the past or to inspire to create a new one for the future. After viewing i hope people look beyond the everyday mundain, normality of this world. I hope my images help people really appreciate everything that they see around them and to enjoy the organic unexpected moments and embrace them everyday in life.

Born and raised in Maine. Currently living in Brooklyn, NYC. 












The Manifold Magazine
NaTuRaL KoNcEpT Skateboards                             
The Real Deal Magazine                                                     
Transworld Skateboarding Magazine
Step Dad Mag  
Whilhelmina Models 
Marilyn Models
Arizona Iced Tea  
Basta Surf
Vanessa Arizaga 
The Zig Zags 
North Brooklyn Cycles 
Christies NYC
M.M Lafleur

Etonic Shoes

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